I was born in the suburbs of Milan (IT) in 1987. My father is a chef and my mother used to work in his company while in her spare time she made music and practiced her singing. At the age of 27 I fell in love with Brussels (BE) and I decided to move there to complete my music studies, also driven by the will of being part of a musical scene that still fascinates and enriches me. Currently I’m mostly focused on experimenting with the extemporaneous aspects of the music, whether improvised or not, and about developing new communicative languages that could meet my artistic needs and their evolution. I’m involved in various musical scenes around Europe, such as jazz, improvised music, independent pop/folk/rock music. In 2015 I released my debut album Departures on Honolulu Records as leader, composer and arranger of the band Soares and have since toured extensively around Europe and China. Recently, after spending several years pondering about the role of improvisation and composition in music, I started a new project as leader, singer-songwriter, banjoist and guitarist.
As well as a musician and performer, I’m also a founding member of Honolulu Records, an independent Italian label with a focus on Europe, and I work as a teacher in music academies.

© Chloë Delanghe